Neil Ruddock's Call To Arms

How To Enter

  1. Gather 6-8 Friends Who Are All Ready For The Challenge
  2. Make Sure Everyone Has Sunday 25th June Free
  3. Pick A Name For Your Team (Keep It Clean)
  4. Gather The Money From Each Member
  5. Click ‘Enter Team’
  6. Pay The £200 Fee
  7. Get Ready For A Full Day Of Bubble Football!


Key Information

The Qualifier Tournament shaped who would be the England National bubble football team for the World Cup in 2018 and for all future international tournaments. This took place on the 25th June 2017 and saw the overall winners of the tournament awarded with a bespoke bubble football trophy.

The England Qualifier Tournament was a fun and action packed day, where all bubble football enthusiasts in England were be able to compete against each other for the right to win the title of English champions and represent their country in all future bubble football tournaments.


The Qualifiers took place over one full day on the 25th June 2017. Teams arrived by 9.00am for a welcome talk. The trophy was given to the winners at 18.00pm.


The location of the England Qualifiers was a football venue dedicated to five-a-side football in Shoreditch, London. The tournament took place over two pitches.


The tournament took place over a simple table format in the morning with each team playing each other once. Then the top teams went through to the knockouts.