Neil Ruddock's Call To Arms

How To Enter

  1. Gather 6-8 Friends Who Are All Ready For The Challenge
  2. Make Sure Everyone Has Sunday 25th June Free
  3. Pick A Name For Your Team (Keep It Clean)
  4. Gather The Money From Each Member
  5. Click ‘Enter Team’
  6. Pay The £200 Fee
  7. Get Ready For A Full Day Of Bubble Football!

Key Information

The Qualifier Tournament will shape the England National bubble football team for the World Cup in 2018 and for all future international tournaments. This will take place on the 25th June 2017 and will see the overall winners of the tournament awarded with a bespoke bubble football trophy.

The England Qualifier Tournament promises to be a fun and action packed day, where all bubble football enthusiasts will be able to compete against other teams in order to win the title of English champions and represent their country in all future bubble football tournaments.

On the day, each team member must wear comfortable clothing and should wear footwear that does not have spikes or cleats.  Each team must also wear a uniform of the same colour and bring along alternative clothing of another colour in the event of an opposing team wearing the same colour.

In order to enter your bubble football team into the England Qualifier Tournament, each team must be comprised of 6-8 members (five players and up to three substitutes) all of which must be over the age of 18 years. There will be an entry fee of £200 to enter your team in the bubble football England Qualifiers Tournament.


The Qualifiers will take place over one full day on the 25th June 2017. Teams should arrive by 9.00am for a welcome talk. The trophy will be provided to the winners at 18.00pm.


The location of the England Qualifiers will take place at a venue in London, however a further venue may be added in a different location should there be a large amount of teams entering the England Qualifiers.


There will be a minimum of three games played per team, with a maximum of up to seven games played. All teams will take part in group games, with kick-off taking place at 10.30am and the games finishing at 14.30pm. During group stage games, there will be multiple pitches so that many teams can play at once.

The Quarter Finals start at 15.00pm and the Semi Finals start at 16.00pm. The final will be played at 17.30pm with the presentation of the award taking place at 18.00pm.