Ben Sheppard

Ben Sheppard

Ben Sheppard

Attacking Midfielder

Full Name

Ben Sheppard

Date of Birth

March 5th, 1989

Place of Birth

London England


179 cm


68 kg
Ben Sheppard


Matched Played


  • Matches: 2 matches
  • Goals: 2 goals
  • Discipline: 3 fouls against
  • Passing: 45 free kicks
  • Club Name: Hello Mate London Club
  • Club Debut: March 24, 2016
  • Previous Club: Nutella United


Ben Sheppard, known as the English Pele by close friends and his dear mother, was a graduate from Brighton University. While he might have a supposed full time job, Ben always knew his true calling was the life of a bubble footballer. After years of training in Sunday league matches, he is finally ready to step up and compete in an official tournament to become the true champion of the world.

A record goalscorer in his dreams and a decent player at FIFA, Ben always showed signs early on that he had a natural ability for running at people and falling over. The world is his oyster, as is his oyster collection and his oyster card.