During each match, every team member will be provided with a bubble football in order to play a given match during the bubble football world cup. Comfortable footwear that enables each player to run around on astro turf should be worn at all times during live play. Please note that any player who wears footwear with cleats or spikes will be unable to take part. Team jerseys will be provided by tournament organisers but shorts and socks in the national colours are needed to help diferentiate player on the pitch during matches.

Playing Time

The duration of each bubble football match will last for a total of 12-minutes – this will be split into two halves which last five minutes each. There is no extra-time in any of the matches of the tournament, instead matches in the knockout stages will be decided by a special penatly shootout. The half-time break is two-minutes long.

Referees and match officials

During each match, there will be a dedicated match official present who will understand the official rules of bubble football world cup.

The Teams

Each team will be made up of five field players and up to three substitutes. Team sizes will, therefore, vary based on how many substitutes they bring, but they need 5 outfield players as a minimum from the start of the tournament.

Player Substitution

  • Substitutions at the Bubble Football World Cup will only be able to take place at half-time so choose your starting five wisely and kee some fresh legs for the second-half.



Players who flagrantly break rules will receive punishment. The first offence will result in a warning. The second will result in a one-minute sin-binning. A third offence will result in the player being permanently removed from the match and the team go down to four balls.


Scoring a goal

In bubble football, you can use any part of your body except hands to score a goal, this includes using the bubble to strike the ball.

Goal Keeper

In bubble football, there’s no goalkeeper; each team can have a player designated to protect the goal but they must not enter the box at any time during the match. In a standard penalty situation there will be a goalkeeper on the line.

Bumping Rules

A foul is when a player is unfairly challenged for the ball. In Bubble Football this could be via a standard tackle with the legs or with a hit inside the ball.

At this tournament, no player is allowed to hit anyone without the ball. Hits must also only be from the front or side. Hits from behind or off the ball will result in a free kick.

You cannot bump anyone on the floor or who is trying to get up off the floor.

A successful bum will be a clean collision from front or side and does not use any unnecessary aggression.

Penalty Kicks

A penalty kick will be issued when a rule has been broken in the eyes of the referee, especially if it was preventing a goalscoring opportunity.

When the player who has been fouled takes the penalty kick, they must stand 6-meters from the goal – a player from the other team may defend on the goal line.

A penalty kick may be taken by any member of the team and doesn’t necessarily have to be taken by the fouled player.

Penalties to decide a match in the knockout stages will be taken differently: The will be five penalty rounds with a player from each side facing off against each other. The ball will be placed in the centre of the pitch. When the whistle blows the two players will race for the ball from their respective goals and the challenge for possession and score. The first person to score will win a point for their team. First to three will win the penalty and the fixture.

Free Kicks

All other irregularities will result in a free kick. This will be taken from the location of the foul. There can only be one player in between the ball and the goal to prevent teams from simply blocking shots by standing infront of the ball.