The dates are set, the qualifiers are in place, we can officially announce it, The Stag Company will be launching the official Bubble Football World Cup! This event, taking place every four years in the lead up to the football World Cup, will have some big names from the sport, flying in from all over the world.

While the England qualifiers will be a 32 team format, the World Cup will be launching with just 16 teams, meaning the group stage will be instantly followed by the quarter finals.

Teams from all over the world have been building their national sides up over the past few years, with plenty of domestic tournaments taking place in the build-up over the past five years.

The first official World Cup was inevitable, as the sport had grown by 31% in 2016 within the UK, with venues and teams popping up all over the country. However this barely touches the iceberg, as the USA has an entire league setup, with weekly matches.

So who will be taking home the trophy? Get yourself tickets for the games and you could find out first-hand. In fact, forget that, get yourself a team setup and you could become the champions of the world!

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